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Curly Hair Book - by Dr. Ali Syed

Curly Hair Book - by Dr. Ali Syed

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Structure, Properties, & Care

By Dr. Ali Syed.

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This book is one-of-a-kind science-based effort to compare curly hair with straight and wavy hair in terms of its structure, properties, and care. The structure of hair is explained with all of its details but made easily understandable for every reader, be they chemists, hairstylists, or consumers of hair care products.

The details of combing, cleansing, conditioning,Ā and styling curly hair are presentedĀ for the consumer, hairstylist, andĀ formulating chemist alike.Ā The impact of cosmetic ingredients andĀ their rankings regarding hair and scalpĀ health are presented as a guide.

The human scalp is discussed along withĀ hair growth, hair loss, and its remedies.Ā Comparative information is provided regardingĀ the shape of hair follicles of curly/coily and straight hair along with comparativeĀ studies of hair growth forĀ major ethnic groups.


ā€œThe structure and properties of human hair have been extensively investigated, and a plethora of products have been offered to clean, condition, style, and groom hair. However, there is one segment that has often been relegated to the side-streams of investigation and product development, and that is curly African Hair. For several generations, the norm has been to force African hair into Caucasian conformation by the application of chemical treatments, that are often harsh and degrading to the hair structure. In this context, for more than thirty years, I have observed Dr. Ali Syedā€™s dedication to understanding the nuances of curly hair, and to developing and offering superior products that are directed specifically to the treatment of this hair type.Ā 

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Dr. Syed might have been tempted to keep his special knowledge of this subject as a trade secret. Instead, he has chosen to disclose, in his book, what has taken him a lifetime to learn. I applaud Dr. Syed for his openness and his gift of knowledge. I learned a lot from this text! It is a comprehensive treatment of the subject, with abundant educational gems to inspire the reader. I commend his book on curly hair to anyone and everyone with an interest in the subject. Like me, you will learn from this book.ā€Ā 


Professor and Director Emeritus, The School of Polymers & High Performance Materials, University of Southern MississippiĀ 


ā€œThis book is a must-have reference source for anyone serious about hair structure and treatment science. The information is presented in a clear and astute manner, making it useful not only to the newcomer to the topic but also to the most experienced formulator.ā€Ā 


President, Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 2015Ā 

Education Chair, International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemists, 2016-2019Ā 


ā€œThe first learner-friendly book to provide an in-depth perspective on all hair types in addition to practical approaches to combat hair loss, issues with hair growth, scalp and skin-related challenges. An excellent reference for academic researchers, and a valuable source for dermatologists, cosmetologists, hair stylists, hair colorists, and hair care product formulators.ā€Ā 


Visiting Professor, Chemistry Department, Walsh UniversityĀ 

Senior Fellow (Retā€™d), Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.Ā 


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