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curl color kit

curl color kit

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Discover the perfect duo for vibrant and luscious curls with the Curl Color Kit featuring two striking shades:

Bold Gold & Hot Red.

Double the Fun: This kit comes with 2 units, allowing you to experiment and mix for a personalized look.
Color and Curling Gel: Not just color, but also a tool to define and enhance your curls.
For Curly Hair: Specifically designed for Type 2, 3, & 4 hair.
Medium Hold & Perfect Curl Definition: Achieve the perfect bounce with a hold that lasts up to one wash without any flakes.
Advanced Formulation: Utilizing Sub Micron Technology combined with the nourishing effects of JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) and Ceramides.
Moisture Boost: Increases hair moisture by a staggering 91%.
Strengthens Hair: See a 6% increase in hair strength after just one application.
Safe and Ethical: Vegan, cruelty-free, and saves your curls from the damaging effects of bleach and lighteners.
Vibrant on Dark Hair: Specifically designed to pop even on darker hair shades without the need for bleach or lighteners.
Superior to Traditional Hair Paints: Unlike many hair paint waxes that can dry and weigh your hair down, As I Am Curl Color is crafted to be both moisturizing and lightweight.

Unleash your creativity, protect your curls, and make a statement with every twist and turn of your head. Dive into the world of color without compromise. Your curls deserve the best, and this kit delivers just that!


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Founder

    With 45 patents, Dr. Ali N Syed and his family-owned business is at the origin of the curly hair industry.

  • R&D

    The As I Am laboratory in the US specializes in the science of hair care. Each science-backed product is crafted in-house.

  • Sustainability

    By prioritizing decomposable materials, As I Am ensures products that have a minimal footprint.

  • Clean Ingredients

    Gentle formulas that provide moisture retention without compromising the natural balance of the hair and scalp.