• Are You Team Shampoo or Are you Team Cowash?

    Gone are the days of having limited choices of cleansing your hair. Should you use shampoo or should you use a cowash? As a naturalista you have a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to how you care for your curls. We know that so many of you are torn between being team shampoo or team cowash. ... View Post
  • The Only Winter Regimen You’ll Need To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

    Winter, winter winter! During the winter season naturalistas often find themselves daydreaming of warm summer days when wash day didn’t equate to one being confined to their homes. The convenience of letting your beautiful curls and coils dry in the summer breeze seem so far in the distance. Now... View Post
  • What Is My Hair Type?

    “Do I have curls or coils?” said by every naturalista known to man, right? Have you found yourself standing in front of the mirror wondering what your hair type is? Hair typing refers to how much texture your hair has. Understanding your hair type is KEY to determining which products will be bes... View Post