As I Am Curly Hair Magic at Art Basel 2024

Hey there, curl friends! So, guess where As I Am landed this year? Art Basel! Yep, we didn't just attend; we brought the curl party to the art scene, and it was a blast!

Amidst the buzz, we introduced our new Rosemary collection! Essentially “skincare for hair,” this collection helps to enhance hair density and improve the scalp's protective barrier. We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on these products. It was a crowd favorite among the attendees!

Now picture this: our talented stylists weaving curl magic, handing out product samples like confetti, and a selfie station that practically begged for glamour shots. But here's the kicker—we set up a massive art wall. Like, huge! We wanted everyone to unleash their inner artists right there with us.

As I Am isn't just about curls; it's about celebrating each and every unique curl and coil in a fun, artistic way. It felt like our brand was throwing a party where curls were the stars, and creativity was the headliner. Art Basel with As I Am was more than a booth; it was a curly adventure!

We left with happy curls, big smiles, and a whole bunch of new curl-loving friends. As I Am at Art Basel was a masterpiece of curls and creativity, and we're so stoked we got to share it with you all! 🌀🎨✨