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curl color flamingo pink

curl color flamingo pink

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Medium Hold. Perfect Curl Definition.

  • Ceramides

    Aids in moisture retention, strengthens hair, and promotes hair elasticity.

  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil

    Moisturizes hair and scalp, thickens hair, protects against damage and add shine.

  • Cruelty Free and Vegan

  • Silicone Free

  • Phthalate Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Ammonia Free

  • No Harsh Chemicals

  • Improves Hair Moisture by 60%

  • Strengthens Hair by 14% After One Application

  • Holds Style for 24 Hours

  • Sub-Micron Technology

    Sub-micron technology enables deeper penetration of ingredients by breaking them down into small particles. the smaller particles are able to penetrate the hair & scalp more efficiently, allowing our ingredients to strengthen the scalp’s protective barrier & provide better protection against damage or irritation.

  • Conventional Products

  • As I Am

Simple & Easy to Apply

Our curl enhancing color gel provides a medium hold that lasts up to one wash.

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How to use

Cleanse the hair using As I Am JBCO Shampoo or Cowash.
Spray As I Am JBCO Water liberally. Apply As I Am Classic or JBCO Leave-In conditioner.
Towel dry. Hair must be damp (not dripping wet). Use gloves.

Step 1. Section hair off and apply to damp hair from root to tip.

Step 2. For maximum vibrance, apply until color is visibly bright and saturated on your hair (before drying).

Step 3. For a subtle look, apply a fingerfull to each chunk or section of hair. Twist or rake through hair for desired style.

Step 4. Use a hooded dryer or hand held diffuser to completely dry your Curl Color application (to avoid color transfer).


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Shipping & Returns

All orders have a 1-2 business day lead time upon receipt of order.

Orders placed on weekends or during a holiday or promotion will have an approximate lead time of 3-8 business days upon receipt of order.

The selected shipping method applies after order has shipped. We cannot edit or make address changes once orders have been made.

Once your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive notifications from As I Am with your tracking number. You can track your order through the provider up until delivery.

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At As I Am, we care about the earth. Our goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. As of 12/31/21, As I Am has offset 201 metric tons of CO₂. We are currently working on reducing our plastic consumption and improving reuse.

This Product is: Vegan and Cruelty-Free.Make a difference by going the extra step! Rinse components to recycle.

All deliveries are carbon neutral.

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Is this Collection Vegan?

Yes. All products from the Curl Color collection are Vegan and Cruelty free. This collection is also free from Silicone, DEA, Phthalate, Paraben, GMO, Harssh Chemical, Gluten, Amonia.

Does the color transfer?

Curl Color will last until you wash it out in the shower, it is NOT a dye, and will only last for about a week or so, depending on how you care and protect your hair with a bonnet for example. The risk of color transfer exists and the product will disappear when you wash it out.

How to prevent color transfer?

Before applying, it is important to:

• Cleanse the hair using As I Am JBCO Shampoo or Cowash.

• Spray As I Am JBCO Water liberally.

• Apply As I Am Classic or JBCO Leave-In Conditioner before coloring.

• Towel dry.

• Hair must be dry or damp (not dripping wet).

• Use gloves to apply color.

To ensure there is no color transfer, use a hooded dryer or handheld diffuser to completely dry your Curl Color application. For air drying, please reserve more time for your hair to dry completely. For long-lasting color, consider wearing a bonnet at night to prevent any potential transfer to your pillowcase or bedding.

Note that more the color is intense (Blue and Red color for example) more the risk of color transfer exists.

Can I Straighten/Flat iron my hair with Curl Color?

NO - the answer is NO, Curl Color is a gel - creme consistency and is best to be dried with heat in the sense of rollers, flexi rod sets, braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, etc.

I have Type 1/Straight Hair, Can I use Curl Color?

Yes! - However, due to it's gel creme consistency, you may find the product heavy on your hair depending on the style you are using it for. The color on the hair will apply the same.

Customer review

  • The Founder

    With 45 patents, Dr. Ali N Syed and his family-owned business is at the origin of the curly hair industry.

  • R&D

    The As I Am laboratory in the US specializes in the science of hair care. Each science-backed product is crafted in-house.

  • Sustainability

    By prioritizing decomposable materials, As I Am ensures products that have a minimal footprint.

  • Clean Ingredients

    Gentle formulas that provide moisture retention without compromising the natural balance of the hair and scalp.


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