Scalp Care for Protective Styles - No Itching or Dandruff

Scalp Care for Protective Styles - No Itching or Dandruff

If you're a naturalista who likes to switch up your look with protective styles, beauty influencer, Jessica Pettway, is showing you her steps to a long-lasting, moisturized and itch-free foundation. Jessica has Type 4c curly hair, a very dry scalp and suffers from dandruff. She says that when wearing wigs, it is imperative that her scalp remains protected because a dry and clogged scalp only causes more issues. Using our Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Collection, she is removing dandruff and build-up, while also moisturizing her hair and scalp for long lasting results. 


Watch Jessica prep her hair and scalp for wig wearing.

1. Cleanse hair with Olive & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Jessica's Pro Tip: Apply shampoo to the scalp before wetting the hair and massage it in. 

2. Cleanse hair again with Olive & Tea Tree Oil Cowash

Cleanse hair and scalp again with the cleansing conditioner.

3. Condition with Olive & Tea Tree Oil Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner keeps hair hydrated, nourished and softer to reduce frizz and breakage. 

4. Oil the scalp and hair with Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment to prep for styling

We recommend oiling the scalp for nourishing soft curls and aiding strength and growth.

5. Style hair as normal

Properly braid down your hair for wig wearing, crotchet or braids. 

6. Use Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment as needed throughout the life of your protective style

When taking protective style out, you should find minimal shedding, less breakage and stronger hair!  




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