What Is My Hair Type?

What Is My Hair Type?

“Do I have curls or coils?” said by every naturalista known to man, right? Have you found yourself standing in front of the mirror wondering what your hair type is? Hair typing refers to how much texture your hair has. Understanding your hair type is KEY to determining which products will be best for building your solid hair care regimen.

Long and Luxe is our newest collection that we created for textured curl baes exactly like you. It is infused with Pomegranate and Passion Fruit extracts that are beneficial for maintaining a healthy scalp and textured tresses. Here are a few helpful examples of curly and coily hair types to determine if Long and Luxe is right for your natural crown of curls:

In the case of types 3 and 4, the sub-classifications from a - c, are based upon the diameter of the curl or coil. For instance a type 3a curl may have the diameter of a nickel, a 3b, like a dime.




Type 4 ranges from the diameter of a pencil eraser (4a), to the diameter of an ink pen spring (4b), and even smaller than that, (4c). In some cases, hair may even have a tight zigzag pattern with no coil at all. The coil pattern of Type 4 hair is easily defined via 2-strand twisting, (which is then gently untwisted).




Now that you have an idea of what your hair type may be, let’s talk about building a solid regimen. We have created the perfect regimen from start-to-finish for type 3 and type 4 naturalistas to grow their hair longer and stronger.

Step 1: Thoroughly wet hair with warm water.
Step 2: Apply Long and Luxe Growash to your scalp. Massage the product into your scalp using the pads of your fingertips.
Step 3: Rake the additional product down the shafts of your hair to ensure that they are cleansed as well.
Step 4: Rinse the product from your hair with lukewarm water. Section hair into 4 quadrants to prep for your next step.
Step 5: Apply 1-3 quarter sized dollops of the Long and Luxe Conditioner to each section. Place hair in a deep conditioning cap for 15-30 mins.
Step 6: After allowing the conditioner to penetrate your hair for 30 mins, carefully detangle your hair.
Step 7: Rinse the conditioner out of your hair and apply our leave-in conditioner, Long and Luxe GroYogurt. Also, apply the Long and Luxe Scalp Serum to your scalp as a leave-in scalp treatment.
Step 8: Apply Long and Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie for wash-n-go’s, braid-outs, or twist-outs.
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