The Only Winter Regimen You’ll Need To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

The Only Winter Regimen You’ll Need To Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

Winter, winter winter! During the winter season naturalistas often find themselves daydreaming of warm summer days when wash day didn’t equate to one being confined to their homes. The convenience of letting your beautiful curls and coils dry in the summer breeze seem so far in the distance. Now you’re finding yourself consumed with thoughts as to how you’ll keep your hair from snapping off in the bitter cold because mother nature has given us all a heads up that we should settle in for another 6 weeks of winter thanks to our friend Mr. Groundhog. Here is what your winter regimen should generally consist of:


Cowashing 101: What is it and how do I do it?

Cowashing is an effective way to cleanse your hair without stripping it bare. Don’t you hate using a shampoo or cowash that leaves you wondering, “Did I pick up the dishwashing detergent by mistake?” Try our Coconut Cowash. Wondering why it’s the #1 cowash on the market? Well here’s why. This cleansing cream conditioner shoots straight out of the gate to win the race for moisturizing your tresses with ingredients such as Tangerine, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Saw Palmetto. Cowashing is super simple and easy to do:

  • Apply it to your scalp while your hair is wet
  • Massaging it in with your finger tips
  • Work the remaining product down the shaft of your strands
  • Thoroughly rinse out the cowash with lukewarm water
  • Repeat if needed

Conditioning & Detangling

During these cold winter months it’s important to have a balance of moisture and protein being implemented into your hair care regimen. The infusion of moisture continues right on 

into the conditioning and styling process as well. We recommend that without fail every time that you cleanse your hair to follow by deep conditioning for at least 30 minutes.

  • Apply a generous amount of the Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner to each section
  • Cover your hair with a plastic cap
  • For an added boost of TLC to your curls sit under a hooded dryer for 30 mins

Deep conditioning under a hooded dryer helps to provide deep moisturization. This is the perfect time to read that chapter of the book that has been collecting dust on your dresser or answering a few work emails. Now that the conditioner has had it’s time to work it’s magic, it’s time to detangle.

  • Divide hair into 6-8 section
  • Using a wide tooth comb begin to comb through your curls working your way from the ends up to the roots
  • Rinse out the conditioner with lukewarm water to reveal that your hair is super soft to the touch
  • After blotting excess water away with a cotton towel or t-shirt, be sure to follow up with either of our two leave-in conditioners:

      Adding Moisture & Styling

      Everyone loves a good ol’ defined head of curls honey! Especially with the end results being soft bouncy frizz free curls and coils with no echos of crunchiness in sight. That is every naturalista’s dream on wash day, right? After applying the leave-in conditioner throughout your entire head add small amounts of the DoubleButter Cream or So Much Moisture. There are 3 options of stylers to choose from: Coil Defining Jelly, Twist Defining Cream, & Curling Jelly. Depending on your preference and/or hair type here is how you can figure out which styler will work best for you:

      • Type 3A-C Wash-N-Go or Twist/Braid Out - Curling Jelly
      • Type 3B-4A Wash-N-Go or Twist/Braid Out - Coil Defining Jelly
      • Type 3C-4C Wash-N-Go or Twist/Braid Out - Twist Defining Cream

      Many naturalistas prefer to air dry their hair or to diffuse it. Contrary to what many believe about wash days, your life doesn’t have to stop while you twiddle your thumbs waiting for your curls to dry. Grab your blow dryer and diffuse your curls on the cool setting to speed up your drying time.  

      As a midweek curl refresher, spray a bit of our CocoShea Spray to bring them back to life. In addition to ensuring that your hair doesn’t become dry or brittle externally, you have to make it a priority to drink a ton of water. Drinking 6-8 8 oz glasses of water each day does wonders for not only your hair but also my skin, nails, and just your overall health.

      Try this winter regimen and let us know if your curls loved this luxurious treatment. We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below sharing how this regimen worked for you!

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