Hydrate, Define, Shine!

17 amazing products formulated just for natural-textured hair. Containing natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to hydrate define, condition & shine.

Henna Happiness
$9.95 10 reviews
🚨 N E W 🚨
🚨 N E W 🚨
Coconut Cowash 3oz Travel Size
$3.49 2 reviews

Rejuvenate your scalp for healthier and longer hair

As I Am Long & Luxe collection, infused with pomegranate and passion fruit is the ultimate collection for a healthier scalp, leading to stronger roots and resulting in longer & stronger hair.

The collection is designed for natural hair type 3 & 4.

Certified Organic*

The First and Only NSF Certified Organic* beauty products for naturally curly babies and children. Look for the NSF seal on our packaging for the brand you can trust.

*Certified by OTCO to NSF/ANSI 305, the American National Standard for personal care products containing organic ingredients.